Professions in the Metaverse

by | 14 Sep 2022 | News

“This may sound like science fiction,
we’re starting to see
a lot of these technologies come together.
In the next five to 10 years, a lot of
this is going be mainstream.”

Mark Zuckerberg

The Metaverse is still being defined, but despite this it has already been able to bring real benefits to customers and companies that have decided to adopt it. The technology and the innovation are evolving, in fact the Metaverse is thought to have the potential to impact the world. The main benefit that this new platform offers is the immersive experience within which one finds oneself.

The virtual world is already set to change everyone's lifestyle, both in terms of work and everyday life.

Many companies, to keep up with the times and face the competition, have decided to embark on this path: opening to new technological horizons is certainly a way to face new challenges and to know what will happen in both the near and far future.

According to McKinsey's report (June 2022), the Metaverse is divided into several parts, which in turn are arranged on four levels: at the base we can find the fundamental systems of payment, identity and security, and privacy. On the second level we find the technological infrastructure together with accessories and devices. The third level is dedicated to creators and 3D development platforms.

Lastly, at the top are the contents and experiences, which concern the so-called virtual worlds.

Through this simple but exhaustive diagram, it is possible to realize how many technologies are involved in the creation of the Metaverse.

It can certainly be said that working with the Metaverse requires not only advanced technological expertise, but also a large dose of creativity, since the newest job opportunities are related to design: just look at the countless scenarios within which one is projected, the representation of avatars, etc.

There are already several incentives for vocational training, to study and keep up with the jobs of the future. There will be a focus on specific degrees and skills, and among the most in demand are:

  1. Meta Design: combining the art of technology with digital modelling
  1. Meta Marketing: the strategic study of communication and marketing in the new channel of the Metaverse


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These are projects created through new and completely digitized skills, through new technological systems.

For this reason, traditional design is evolving into Meta Design in several respects: Metadesign must adapt to new needs in order to take into account changing user experiences; Metadesign contributes to the invention and design of a true culture of the Metaverse, in which human beings can express themselves and engage in personally meaningful activities.

Regarding specifically the new professional figures in this field, we will be faced with significant changes. Two examples: architects will no longer be just the figures we have known so far, but will have to deal with the virtual world, they will have to have skills in animation and 3D modelling, in addition to the traditional ones they already know. The copywriter will become a storyteller in the Metaverse, where communication concepts will no longer be only digital, but will become three-dimensional and explorable in an immersive manner.


MetaMarketing differs from what we commonly call Digital Marketing: we are entering a dimension that will bring about a remarkable change, within which we will be able to have completely immersive experiences capable of engaging audiences on a whole new level. Experts speculate that MetaMarketing will not fully develop until 5-8 years from now, but in reality there are already platforms ready to bring businesses into the Metaverse with targeted actions, such as Meta Presence®.

The creation of virtual spaces will lead to a completely different kind of communication, within which one will not just buy a product but will be able to live a complete 3D experience. The Metaverse can be considered a true channel for creating relationships with visitors, customers and collaborators. The Metaverse will also allow data to be collected, such as interest level and appreciation index.


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