Metaverse and data (CRM)

by | 9 Aug 2022 | Metaverse, salesforce

Ever since the current world’s main social network declared its rebranding and entry into the Metaverse last autumn, many people have been fascinated by this novelty, while others did not immediately understand its use and potential. At the same time, however, many companies in the tech world have immediately started to develop their own personal vision of the Metaverse, and it is estimated that within the next four years, 25 per cent of people will spend at least one hour a day in it; there is no doubt that everyday life is already being influenced by this new world and will be influenced more and more, leading to the inevitable question: what changes will the customer experience undergo within the Metaverse and what should companies do to be adequately prepared?


The most attractive feature of the Metaverse is undoubtedly the possibility of an immersive experience: this peculiarity consequently leads to increased customer involvement.

Let's use our imagination to identify ourselves in a potential customer in need of making a purchase: through the Metaverse people will be able to enter the shop, select products from the shelves, have own avatar try them on as if it was really, ask a salesperson for support in case of need, add or remove products from the shopping cart. This is clearly just an example: there are companies that are bringing their shops into the Metaverse, others are opting for creating other experiences such as meeting customers, training events, organizing company meetings and much more.

The common factor that unites all these possible choices is the possibility of creating highly interactive and immersive situations, which is impossible to achieve just by surfing on a website or organizing meetings on a virtual meeting platform.


One of the most important aspects of the Customer Experience is the possibility of living unique and personalized experiences that encourage people to become loyal customers of the brand.

To satisfy this requirement, the Metaverse undoubtedly proves to be an excellent ally for companies: through the creation of creative and ad hoc environments, each experience is unique, achieving a level of interaction and personalization never achieved.

Customizing the environments in the Metaverse also allows new audience segments to be reached. This aspect, often underestimated, can be an excellent opportunity for companies to further expand within their business or to reach new ones.


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It is logical to ask, what is the purpose of the Metaverse?

Answer: the creation of digital experiences characterized by interactivity through the use of modern digital technologies.

According to a recent study, an $800 billion market will be generated by 2024 through the use of Metaverse, mainly through gamification and creation of virtual events. Actually, there are many areas, from AR to VR, still in development but given the great interest in the Metaverse and the business possibilities related to it, we will almost certainly see a very rapid evolution.



  1. The experience is customizable for each customer: what is one of the key points of the Metaverse? Making each experience unique by customizing it according to customer needs. Both settings and avatars can be unique to each situation, which means that companies can create customized communications through the use of Immersive Reality. Through accurate audience segmentation, the creation of a solid strategy and a careful analysis of the collected data, an increasingly customer-centric approach towards its target audience will be created for each brand.
  1. Guiding the customer creatively during the journey: the use of avatars within a setting in the Metaverse makes it possible to take part in meetings with colleagues and customers or to purchase a product in a much more interactive and participative manner; for some this still seems too visionary and almost a game, but the reality is that this type of interaction will increasingly become the norm: especially for young people, it will become more and more regular to use the virtual world and this is a relevant fact to take into account for the Customer Experience.
  1. The use of customized settings to stand out: having your own office or shop in the Metaverse is seen by customers as a symbol that the brand is at the cutting edge and this is undoubtedly a plus for PR and Marketing. In addition to increasing brand awareness and reputation, bringing own company on this type of platform also helps one to distinguish oneself from those who are still anchored to marketing strategies that will gradually become more and more obsolete for fear of experiencing something that has already begun to enter more and more into people’s daily lives.
  1. The use of new tools: being able to interact with people directly through avatars as if you were physically in the same place? Attending lessons as if you were in a classroom or having meetings as if you were in an office? Studying the characteristics of a product thanks to digital twins as one would in a real shop? With the Metaverse this is already possible and more and more functions are being implemented to make the virtual more and more real.

It is certainly impossible to say when this will happen, but the increasingly conscious and constant integration of the Metaverse into our lives will be inevitable: study, work, entertainment, shopping... the performance of all these activities in the Metaverse will be increasingly linked to our daily lives, making physical travel less and less frequent and virtual encounters more and more the order of the day.