How fashion changes in the Metaverse

by | 5 Oct 2022 | News

Fashion and Metaverse: two apparently distant concepts,
but which turn out to be a winning combination.


The Fashion industry constitutes a large slice of the world market, and the exponential development of the Metaverse has intrigued above all the most famous and influential brands in the market, who have decided to invest in this new communication channel straight away.

Strengthened by their brands and by the fact that, as is often the case with technological innovation, the investment can be a long-term amortizable expense that provides a competitive advantage immediately, the big players in the fashion industry did not miss the golden opportunity presented with the Metaverse.

It is clear to everyone that when we talk about Metaverse, we are referring to a shared virtual place where you can interact with your avatar. And it is exactly around avatars, the virtual profiles and identities that users decide to assume, that the brand’s attention is focused, because they represent the primary source of monetization.



Avatars can be created as a faithful representation of ourselves or they can simply be a product of the imagination. What distinguishes the Metaverse is the possibility of being able to transform the avatar at any time or in any context, and the first step in being able to do this is to choose the clothing that we like and represent ourselves.

This is where fashion and design come into play.

Metaverse is the ideal Metaverse is the ideal platform for a brand to choose to enrich its customers’ experiences. The elements that make the difference are the digital twins, virtual replicas of real objects, easily reproducible in the Metaverse in every detail, ideal for product presentation. The main advantage is that users can interact, literally touching (virtual) 3D objects with their hands, thus discovering additional information and details that can only be obtained through direct interaction. It is evident that it totally changes the customer’s shopping experience because the communication between the customer and the brand becomes unique.


The most common question asked by those starting to explore and learn about the Metaverse is this: what is the difference between the shopping experience in an e-commerce and that in the Metaverse? Very simple. E-commerce can be defined as an online shop where users can search for an object or clothing, view it, read information about it and if interested, purchase it.

In the Metaverse, instead, the shopping experience changes, it becomes immersive, because people interact directly with the product, visualizing it in 3D and capturing every detail.

Furthermore, the possibility of being able to virtually touch the product allows users to have a shopping experience comparable to that of shopping in a physical shop.

The possibility of wearing an article from the comfort of home becomes a reality, because our avatar will try it on for us.

Fashion shows, events, new collections. Big brands have already conquered the virtual world with new ideas, articles and innovative designs. Having an avatar means attending fashion shows, fashion events, buying and wearing the clothes of the most popular brands. For a brand, having a virtual space in which it can express its value and enrich its story with experiences, means affirming brand identity and strengthening brand reputation, resulting in greater consumer loyalty and attracting other potential customers.

The Metaverse, therefore, represents a growth opportunity for the fashion industry, overcoming not only physical limitations, but also those of sustainability and logistics. An advantage enjoyed not only by brands, but also by individual customers who are offered a unique shopping experience.


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