Tucano enters the Metaverse thanks to TechStar

by | 24 Oct 2022 | News

Business objectives of TechStar and Tucano intertwine to realize
a common project: the Tucano Metaverse.


TechStar and Tucano initiate an innovative and exciting collaboration that led to the creation of the first Tucano Metaverse, accessible through the projects section of our website.

The inauguration event was held yesterday, Tuesday 18 October 2022, in Milan at the historic Tucano headquarters in Piazza Castello, where the virtual space of the company - a leading manufacturer of business and travel bags, backpacks and accessories - was presented.

A moment of sharing marked by the announcement of the launch, also accompanied by the speech of our CEO Marco Zanuttini, who made a further contribution to the event by talking about the Metaverse and the business opportunities which lie behind the virtual world.



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For the project realization, the Tucano company relied on our Metaverse Enablers team, which, once understood the communication needs of the company, created a virtual showroom capable of narrating the brand and its values, offering an immersive brand storytelling experience to the public. The virtual space has been organized into three large areas, each corresponding to the main values that identify the company: protection, design, and eco-sustainability. Realistic in the details and digital twins animating it only: Tucano’s choice was in fact oriented towards an imaginative setting, capable of amazing and involving the users.

To find out more about Tucano’s choice, enter its Metaverse and let yourself be carried away by the winning combination of design and immersive technology.

It does not end here… the Tucano Metaverse will soon become a place for new virtual experiments, for an increasingly complete experience. Stay connected!