The TechStar Salesforce competence center is born

18 Oct 2021 | News, salesforce

We are extremely proud to announce that TechStar’s Salesforce division officially takes off today. We have created a team with long-standing expertise in Salesforce projects, positioning Techstar as the perfect partner to tackle multi-cloud projects based on the world’s leading platform and to ensure a successful digital transformation.
After years of experience, developing products and then successful projects for major Italian and international companies, we realised that we could do even better.

We asked ourselves, why waste energy developing solutions and implementing solutions that others have already done? Instead, why not concentrate our efforts on the excellence on which our reputation has been built, i.e. developing and/or customising solutions based on our customers’ needs?
In other words, developing innovative – even tailor-made – solutions for the verticalisation and specialisation of an international platform, even tailor-made.
We chose Salesforce because it represents exactly what for us is the starting point for successful projects.

We have built a team of highly skilled and passionate experts on this platform, professionals with whom we can develop this strategy and once again build a successful experience together.
We like the functional richness of Salesforce, the availability of different and constantly-improving Clouds, the chance to operate in new markets, where we can develop and apply our innovations.
We want to become the Salesforce point of reference in the North-East, but not only there, and create a centre of excellence for implementing the most innovative Cloud systems available.
And we also want to become a Salesforce boutique systems integrator, known and appreciated for the quality and competence of the team, not only in execution but also in adoption!

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